About Us

Who is Mustard?

Welcome to Mustard Bikes. A Tasmanian based motorcycle parts business specialising in the manufacture of fender eliminators and other products, as well as stocking other brands of products to complement your bike.

Mustard Bikes is a family run business and was set up by Mark de Jong, an utter motorcycle tragic, who also has a strong passion for design, quality and business. 

Now in operation for almost a decade, Mustard Bikes started off as a shed based hobby operating with basic tools and selling only on eBay. Over time the business has grown steadily, now using modern CNC machinery and CAD design to manufacture quality products with a perfect fit. Mustard Bikes products now sell not only via eBay but via our website and a network of motorcycle dealerships across Australia and the world.

Inspired by the engineering of Moto GP and Superbikes and kept in check with the reality of day to day riding, products are designed to be sleek, light, durable and performance oriented. We maintain the highest quality while still maintaining competitive prices, and all our supplies and any outsourced work is done right here in Tasmania, not some sweatshop in China or Taiwan.

Mark is a regular road rider, motorcycle racer and dirt rider and is an active committee member of the local racing club. He has been riding since his early teens and didn't manage to get his car licence until 28 years old, only because race bikes are hard to transport without a van. Mark believes strongly in his products and their reputation and more often than not it is Mark you will deal with when contacting Mustard Bikes.

As for who is Mustard...Mark has held that nickname for many years, due to the similarity of his surname to Dijon Mustard.